Elbio Dagotto

Distinguished Scientist

UT Department of Physics & Astronomy; ORNL Division of Materials Science & Technology

Nanoscale dimensions and correlated electronic behavior

Elbio Dagotto primarily uses computational techniques to study transition metal oxides, oxide interfaces, and the recently discovered iron based, high-temperature superconductors. These materials and others studied by his group show promise both for technological applications and for advancing fundamental concepts in condensed matter physics.

Dagotto has several active collaborations with ORNL scientists working with materials from manganese oxides to iron based high temperature superconductors. Additionally, he serves as principal investigator of a DOE Field Work Proposal, FWP, at ORNL, entitled “Theoretical studies of Complex Collective Phenomena,” which secured a grant from the Department of Energy that supplied $1.9 million for 18 months to ORNL.

Phone: (865) 974-2122
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E-mail Address: edagotto@utk.edu

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South College
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