UT-ORII Research Symposium

April 15 & 16
UT Student Union

The University of Tennessee-Oak Ridge Innovation Institute (UT-ORII) is expanding funding opportunities for university faculty members and graduate students engaging in UT-Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) collaborative research. UT-ORII awards UT-ORNL joint research funding through UT-ORII seed grants and Science Alliance programs. The UT-ORII Research Symposium features the collaborative research efforts of grant-awarded teams and graduate students.

Daily Schedules

Monday April 15

8:15Welcome262 C
8:30 – 12:50Presentations: Clean Manufacturing & Advanced Materials262 C
12:50 – 2:50Posters: Transportation, Biomedical, and General Session262 AB
2:50 – 4:05Presentations: Circular Bioeconomy & Decarbonization262 C

Tuesday April 16

9:15Welcome262 C
9:20 – 12:05Presentations: Transportation262 C
12:05 – 2:10Posters: Clean Manufacturing & Advanced Materials,
Circular Bioeconomy & Decarbonization
272 B
2:10 – 3:50Presentations: General Session262 C

The symposium will include presentations led by each team’s UT faculty member/principal investigator. Research teams include both UT and ORNL collaborators who received funding from UT-ORII and/or Science Alliance grants. The teams’ research focuses on advancing UT-ORII’s convergent research initiatives and other areas of national importance.

Student poster presentations highlight the meritorious and collaborative research conducted by graduate students funded through the Graduate Advancement, Training and Education (GATE) program and faculty-led UT-ORII grants.