Student Presentations

April 15 & 16
UT Student Union

Student poster presentations highlight the meritorious and collaborative research conducted by graduate students funded through the Graduate Advancement, Training and Education (GATE) program and faculty-led UT-ORII grants. Student presenations take place both April 15 and 16 between faculty presentation sessions.

SU 262 AB | 12:50 – 2:45


1Jeremy WattsOptimizing Patient-specific Deep Brain Stimulation Parameters in Parkinson’s Disease
2Amin JarrahiComparisons of lipid and RNA spatial distribution in the brains of young and old Alzheimer’s and control female murine models
3Sarah HirschbeckDeveloping an LC-IMS-MS workflow to determine biochemical changes related to aging and Alzheimer’s Disease
4Heng LiExploring and predicting the impact of 3D genome structure on cellular radiosensitivity
5Allison JonesSex- and Age- Related Influence of Vascular Stiffening on Neurological Disorders
6Kristen KennisonUtilizing advanced microscopy, fluorescence, and scattering techniques to probe the phase behavior of ternary mixtures with variable low-melting phospholipid chain length
7Sophia TurnerUnraveling networks: testing plant responses to phenological mismatches with associated fungal interactions above- and belowground
8Joseph ClarkA Novel Approach to Quantum Circuit Partitioning


10Kyungchan LimEnhancing the Security of Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) Ecosystem
11Bhaskar GaurNoise Resilient Quantum Modulo Adders
12Sounak BhowmikQuantum Machine Learning for Anomaly Detection in Consumer Electronics
13Fujiao JiEnhancing the Security of Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) Ecosystem
14Syed Irfan Ali MeerzaNavigating Fairness and Fairness Security in Federated Learning with GlocalFair and EAB-FL Insights”
15Lu LiuEnhancing the Security of Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) Ecosystem
16Diyi LiuImproving the Accuracy of Freight Mode Choice Models: A Case Study Using the 2017 1 CFS PUF Data Set and Ensemble Learning Techniques
17Seyedmehdi KhaleghianLTE for Infrastructure-based Vulnerable Road Users Safety: A Field Demonstration


18Paychuda KritprajunState of Charge Management for Grid-Connected PV with Supercapacitor System Considering LVRT Operation
19Ian CoxBeta-decay spectroscopy of Cl isotopes with FDSi
20Liz DenisonEffects of warming on viral populations associated with northern peatmosses
21Sayali MulayChanges in the diversity and composition of metabolically active bacterial communities from the Svalbard subsurface under induced thawing conditions

SU 272 B | 12:05 – 2:10

Circular Bioeconomy & Decarbonization

1Chase CromerUpcycling: New Techniques for Breaking Down Plastic Waste
2Kristen BidasInteractions Between Organic Carbon and Synthetic Manganese and Iron Oxides in Acidic Forest Soil
3Rounak PatraContrasting Residue Quality and Agricultural Management: Impacts on Soil Carbon Dynamics Across the Soil Profile
4Sarah LoveSky islands as natural laboratories for studying organismal responses to climate change
5Hyun Seok YoonShift in freshwater biodiversity and its impact on environmental mitigation cost for hydropower plants in changing climate
6Fidaa AliCharacterization of Photosystem I in their native membrane: an experimental and computational study
7Hima DavitUntapped Potential in Polymer Editing
8Sanjita WastiCoir fiber reinforced polypropylene composites: Effect of sizing approach and sizing concentrations.
9Dhiraj PokhrelProtecting Power Grids Using Decision-Dependent Uncertainty
10Mirka MandichImplementation of a Portable Diagnostic Package (PDP) for Spectroscopic Measurement of Plasmas Relevant for Fusion
11Charles AmooA Multicriteria Framework for Low-Income Household Energy Audit Tools in the U.S.

Clean Manufacturing & Advanced Materials

12Christopher CotterHarnessing Non-Model Yeast for Upcycling of Depolymerized Plastic Waste
13Samuel AdoteyIonic Conductivity of Asymmetric Block Copolymers Based on Polymer Ionic Liquids
14Trisha GanisyejeBottlebrush Polymeric Ionic Liquids: A Model System to Link Chain Conformations with Ionic Conductivity
15Anjali RathoreExploring the Structural Phases and Transport Behavior in Strained Sn Thin Films
16Anuradha WijesingheAlteration of bulk energy bands in Sb thin films due the quantum confinement effect
17Holland HysmithThe Influence of Ionic Distribution at the Metal-Halide Perovskite and Substrate Interface
18Elham FoadianDecoding the Broadband Emission of Two-Dimensional Pb-Sn Halide Perovskites through High-Throughput Exploration
19Shamiul AlamUltraRAM-based Universal Memory and In-Memory Computing
20Matthew WhisenantReduced-Order Models for Fluid-Structure Interaction Simulations via Deep Learning
21Sheryl SanchezUnderstanding the Ligand-Assisted Reprecipitation of CsPbBr3 Nanocrystals via High Throughput Robotic Synthesis Approach
22John HirtzShort Range Cation Ordering in Disordered MgAl2O4 and NiAl2O4 Spinels
23Pradip AdhikariSuperconductor-Semiconductor hybrid nanowires for quantum devices
24Jackie ZhengNylon 6 Deconstruction and Upcycling: From Waste to a New Place
25Steven FrankowskiDevelopment of an In-situ Irradiation-induced Creep Capability at the Tennessee Ion Beam Materials Laboratory
26Danielle ChunPhysical and Chemical Responses of Amidine-Containing Polymers in the Capture and Release of CO2
27Abigail LinhartStructure-Property Relationships in Conjugated Thiophene-based Copolymers with an Emphasis on Doping Method
28Cameron BoboLow-Cost Textile Grade Carbon Fiber Carbon/Carbon Composites for Rapid Manufacturing of High Temperature Systems

Faculty research presentations focus on two topics within the institute’s current convergent research initiatives; clean manufacturing and advanced materials, and energy storage and transportation. Research teams include both UT and ORNL collaborators who received grant funding from UT-ORII grants.