Submission Schedule & Cayuse Routing

PI/Co-PI DeadlinesUT-ORII DeadlinesRoute in CayuseDRA DeadlineSponsor Deadline
 1-12 Months Prior to Deadline3 Weeks Prior to Deadline (15 Business Days)11 Business Days Prior to Deadline8 Business Days Prior to Deadline, 5PM5 Business Days4-0 Business Days
Action RequiredNotify Research Services of any potential grant interest or RFPSubmit a Proposal Notification Form at least 3 weeks in advance of the proposal deadlineSubmit to Research Services non-technical, financial, and supplemental documents for final reviewSubmit record in Cayuse for institutional routing; finalize proposal documents in sponsor portalsRouting should be complete and in DRA’s office by this deadlineDRA submission to sponsor
Additional informationPI’s (and Co-PI’s) should ensure appropriate user/login information before beginning the proposal process (i.e. NSF ID for or eRA Commons for NIH)   PI’s should also include in their timeframe, room for external or technical review of their proposals by a third partyIf your proposal contains subawards, complex/unique requirements, or special permissions requests (such as IDC complications or cost share), you must submit Proposal Notification Form by this deadline.Dependent on time constraints, proposals submitted at this time may not receive a complete review but only a limited review involving full review of budgetary compliance and confirmation of documents required for submission.Proposals will be routed for approval at UT-ORII and sent to DRA upon completion   8 Days is based on proposals with multiple units/investigators to accommodate time for routing. This deadline period can be reduced if proposals are routing only within UT-ORII  

University of Tennessee Proposal Workflow and Approval Process