• GPSAW 2023: Jen Rybak

    Jen Rybak is doing research that could aid in the development of cancer drugs. She is pursuing a doctorate in the University of Tennessee-Oak Ridge Innovation Institute Bredesen Center’s Genome Science and Technology program. Rybak said she enjoys the scientific process and discovery of knowledge. “I always knew I wanted to spend my life learning,…

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  • Power Player: Nicole McFarlane

    Imagine if cells and computers could talk. That might allow doctors to implant patients with a single programmed cell capable of  measuring health data, such as blood sugar or hormone levels, and communicating those results in real-time. With no delay for tests or lab work, intervention could be immediate. Nicole McFarlane, an associate professor of…

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  • Erica Grant – Inventor and Founder of Quantum Lock Technologies LLC

    Erica Grant is the inventor and founder of Quantum Lock Technologies LLC. Grant’s company uses quantum physics to create better security for door locks and equipment access in facilities that store proprietary information, or which may be at risk for terrorist attacks. Now in the Oak Ridge National Laboratory‘s Innovation Crossroads program, Grant completed her…

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