Arpan Biswas

Research Assistant Professor, Artificial Intelligence for Quantum Materials

Dr. Arpan Biswas joins UT-ORII as a Research Assistant Professor in the area of Artificial Intelligence for Quantum Materials. His research expertise broadly falls in design and optimization, machine learning/deep learning and statistical analysis where he has been involved in developing data-driven tools for application in several engineering problems. His current research interest is the “application of AI in expensive systems” in the form of classical and quantum physics models, and expensive experiments over scanning probe, scanning tunneling microscopes, pulsed laser diffraction, where he identifies the challenges in classical AI in such experimental study and thereby mitigate with design of ML policy, strategy for human-AI interaction and domain knowledge injection. His current research goal is to increase efficiency, alignment and robustness towards accelerating material research and discovery through developing 1) autonomous workflows with advanced Bayesian optimization methods and 2) physics informed deep learning models for improved microscopy data analysis.

Dr. Biswas completed his PhD in Major: Mechanical Engineering and Minor: Statistics at Oregon State University in Dec 2020. After that, he worked for 3 years at Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences, Oak Ridge National Lab as a postdoctoral fellow.