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  • Power Player: Erica Grant

    Power Player: Erica Grant

    Erica Grant is the inventor and founder of Quantum Lock Technologies LLC. Grant’s company uses quantum physics to create better security for door locks and equipment access in facilities that store proprietary information, or which may be at risk for terrorist attacks. Now in the Oak Ridge National Laboratory‘s Innovation Crossroads program, Grant completed her…

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  • Power Player: Vanshika Singh

    Power Player: Vanshika Singh

    Vanshika Singh, a Ph.D. student in Energy Science and Engineering at the UT-Oak Ridge Innovation Institute’s Bredesen Center at UT Knoxville, hopes to work in a national laboratory or in an industry where she can design lower-emission energy systems for high-temperature applications. “My research revolves around developing novel structural designs for energy systems, like coal-biomass…

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  • Power Player: Mina Sartipi

    Power Player: Mina Sartipi

    What if your vehicle could “converse” with city streets or highways to help ensure traffic flows safely and with maximum efficiency? Or if your electric vehicle could help you find the nearest, most environmentally friendly, and most convenient charging stations as you travel around the country? These transportation wonders—and many more―will one day be a…

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